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Web Application Development

Web application development is about creating interactive websites rather than the simple static or content based sites that we are most familiar with when we browse the Internet.

A great web application can turn your static website into a profit generating powerhouse. It can give your customers the ability to buy your products online, and give you the means to create an active community around your business.

Interactive Websites

Interactive websites range from simple content management systems that allow visitors to post to forums and blogs, to ecommerce websites that provide an enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, to social networking for your customers, and even browser based games. If you can imagine an activity, it can be turned into an interactive experience for your visitors.

The big advantage of having an interactive website for your business is that it keeps your customers and potential customers hanging around and visiting more often. The longer and more frequent your visitors visit, the more likely that you will sell and upsell your products and services.

Back Office Web Applications

Back Office Applications are the software applications that run your business. You'll be familiar with application suites like Office and MYOB. However these programs can generally only be accessed when at your computer, or when connecting to your business network via a virtual private network.

Back office web applications make it easier to connect by using a web browser. This means that employees who telecommute or are mobile can easily access applications that they use daily without having to set foot in the office.

An added advantage is that web application software is upgraded centrally, meaning that every emmployee is using the same version of the application. No time consuming software rollouts are needed, reducing your IT costs.

Your business might even benefit by redeveloping your existing desktop applications as a browser based system operating on your own network or on a hosted cloud server reducing your IT infrastructure costs even more.