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Software & Systems Integration

At its simplest Software and Systems Integration is all about making two or more applications communicate with each other. 

Because the applications you use are developed by different software companies, often little or no thought is given to how they interoperate. In many cases the developers of one have no knowledge of the other program. 

This means spending valuable time to manually transfer the data between the applications you use. Depending on how often data transfers occur, or how many applications that data needs to be copied across, this can be heavily time consuming, and expensive.

Fortunately, many commercial applications provide a way for programmers to access their functions using external software. This means there is a good chance that Codeboss can automate that process and save you many hours of data entry or manual import/export operations.

We have experience in automating the transfer of data between different programs like:

If you are finding the manual nature of information transfer between applications is costing your business money and time, make sure you contact us today. We can reduce your data costs by implementing an automatic software integration system that you can set and forget.