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Custom Application Development

Codeboss custom application development services benefits your business by providing custom software in the following categories.

In addition we have partnerships in place to allow us to offer services in

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Design

Codeboss makes use of the latest technologies to deliver your custom software including the Microsoft .Net Framework and C#, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Relational SQL & NoSQL databases. 

Project Rescue

Do you have a software project in trouble?

You may have started development in-house and the project has quickly outgrown your businesses capability, or perhaps you outsourced to a developer who has not delivered. Codeboss has the expertise to take over the project and quickly get things moving again.

Application Maintenance

When a software project goes live, it isn't over. It is at this time that the software goes into the maintenance phase. If your developer goes missing or simply doesn't want to fix the bugs, Codeboss can help by taking over the application and maintaining it for you.